The Prime Minister office disclosed the appointment of 21 Special envoys and Ambassador plenipotentiaries, and 15 Ambassadors on Wednesday, Oct. 27/2010.

However, the statement doesn’t state individual  assignments. Thus, it is not clear if the new appointment covers all Ambassadors and foreign Representatives of Ethiopia. Yet, Addisfortune Newspaper, hinted last Sunday, in its gossip column that Seyoum may be assigned to Washington DC as Ethiopia’s ambassador to the US, at least for three years, while Tekeda Alemu will go to New York as a permanent representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations (UN).

Conspicuously, 5 former Ministers, 2 State Ministers and 2 House Speakers are included in the list. It is to be recalled that a couple of Ministers and House Speakers were appointed as ambassadors, when they were left out of the new cabinet formed following the 2005 election.

It is not clear whether this trend will strengthen the diplomatic corpse or paint it as a place of retirement.

Here is the list of the new appointees, including a partial list of their former post.

I will update the list as soon as the place of assignment each Ambassador is disclosed and the former posts of the rest of the new appointees.

Special Envoys and Ambassador Plenipotentiaries of Ethiopia.

Name Former Post
1. Seyoum Mesfin Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
2. Girma Birru Former Minister of Trade & Industry
3. Dr Kassu Illala Former Minister of Works & Urban Development
4. Ambassador Mohammed Dirir Former Minister of Culture & Tourism
5. Hassan Abdella Former Minister of Labour & Social Affairs
6. Dr Tekeda Alemu Former State Minister of Foreign Affairs
7. Kassahun Dendir Former State Minister of Defence
8. Ambassador Teshome Toga Former Speaker of House of Peoples Representatives
9. Degife Bula Former Speaker of House of Federation
10. Mulugeta Alemseged
11. Hilawe Yosef
12. Gifti Abasiya
13. Dr Mohammed Hassan
14. Dr Yehsimebrat Mersha
15. Markos Tekle
16. Lelalem Gebreyohannes
17. Dr Bogale Tolosa
18. Minelik Alemu
19. Dr Mohammed Gudeta
20. Misganaw Admasu
21. Ambassador Dr Kua Wang Tutlam

Ambassadors of Ethiopia

1. Merwan Bedri
2. Ababi Demise
3. Dr Gebeyeu Ganga
4. Mule Tarekegn
5. Tesfaye Yilma
6. Tebeje Berhe
7. Bereded Animut
8. Dereje Asfaw
9. Ambassador Aman Hassan
10. Alemayehu Sewagegn
11. Mesfin Chernet
12. Dr Bitew Getnet
13. Shamilo Fitamo
14. Ambassador Mohammed Ali
15. Dr Desta Woldeyohannes
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