In Loving Memory of Helina Dirba

Helina Dirba was hit by a car while walking to school on October 28. She tragically died from her injuries 2 days later. Helina is the daughter of one of our nursing students at Lansing Community College.  The nursing students and faculty are asking that you please support  and pray for the family of Helina Dereba as they go through this very sad and difficult time.
The family would like to take her home to Ethiopia for her final rest. Even the smallest of donations will help with expenses.
Alemayehu Sala sent this Go Fund me page to Sodere.

A 14 year old student at Waverly High School has died from the injuries that she received in a hit and run accident earlier this week.

The Eaton County County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that 14-year-old Helina Dirba died after being hit by a car on W. Michigan Avenue near Harriet Avenue around 7:30 AM on Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

Witnesses say the girl was struck by a dark colored sedan traveling west bound. The car left the scene of the crash. Sheriff officials have arrested a man in connection with this accident. He is expected to be arraigned on Friday afternoon.
It’s the news Jaden Sutton hoped he never had to hear.

“It just broke my heart thinking, we, I had hoped that we weren’t gonna lose her,” said Waverly High School Student Jaden Sutton. “But you know things happen. Just can’t get over it.”

His classmate, Freshman Helina Dirba, had died in the hospital Friday morning, after being hit by a car two days earlier.

“She was smart too,” said Sutton. “She was just so. I can’t get over her smile. I mean her smile was just a million dollars. like that’s just. she was just something that is really gonna hurt. Something that we will remember forever. Never forget.”

Something other students in the Waverly Community also felt at school and online, expressing their support through social media.

“A lot of times this is the first time the kids have had to deal with grief when their classmate passes away,” explained Vince Perkins with Waverly Community SChools. “So we want to make sure they are getting through this the right way, and they have help getting through this.”

Through the weekend, grief counselors will be on site, encouraging people to share their feelings.

“All kids and all people grieve differently and just keep an eye on them to make sure you’re giving them the support they need,” said Perkins.

Remembering Helina for her positive energy and bright smile.

“I know that she was loved by a lot of students because a lot of students are grieving at this time,” said Perkins.

“I remember one time I was struggling in sign language you know, she came over there and said you do this and that and help me out,” said Sutton. “I was like dang that was couple weeks before. So just thinking like. i don’t know just can’t believe it. It’s not real.”

A community of warriors, united

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